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I See You Have Sent Us a Form

If you sent us an order for within 48 hours

Tulsa Kitchen  918-582-8608
Oklahoma City Kitchen 405-236-3500
Otherwise, we will send you an email confirming that we received your form and will contact you shortly with a bid or questions or a response. Remember, the more information you give us, the better we can serve you




Q. What is Required for Confirmation and Deposit for My Order?

We will always try to make as many accommodations as possible for our customers but without prior agreement, the following parameters will apply to confirmation or cancellation of any order.

FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: We need a "Best Guess" of your guest count about two (2) weeks before your event. Four (4) full days before your event we need your "Minimum Guest Count"; from that number, you can ADD-ON but you CANNOT SUBTRACT from your total guest count.  We need your final guest count the day before your event.  Depending on your menu, we can usually accommodate an increase in your guest count the day of your event;  please call ASAP if you need to add-on the day of your event.

FOR FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS: Once we have established a relationship with you as a customer, we are happy to send you an invoice after your event is completed. For first time customers we need either a charge card guarantee (we don't run anything on the card until the day before your event), or a 25% deposit (cash or check). If you pay your deposit by check, we will email you a final invoice and statement with the balance due the day before your event and pick up a check on delivery. If you use the credit card as your guarantee, we will email you an invoice the day after your event from which you can choose to mail us a check, change the form of payment or tell us to claim the funds from your credit card guarantee. With a credit card guarantee, we need to hear from you or your representative the day after your event as to how you want to proceed with payment.


CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel your order within one (1) week of your event, there will be a charge of 25%. If you cancel your order within two (2) days of your event, there will be a charge of 50% plus the cost of any non-returnable items that were purchased for your event. If you cancel within 24 hours of your event, a charge for the full amount will be incurred.

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